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Acquiring a private foreign trust can be a strategic financial move that provides individuals with various advantages such as safeguarding their assets, planning the transfer of wealth to future generations, maintaining confidentiality, and potentially reducing tax obligations. Moreover, it may offer legal benefits and protection from domestic legal disputes. It's crucial to carefully assess the decision to purchase a private foreign trust in consultation with legal and financial advisors to ensure it aligns with the specific needs and goals of the individual or entity involved. Asset protection is a significant motivation for individuals considering the purchase of a private foreign trust. Placing assets in a foreign trust can shield them from specific legal claims, creditors, and other potential threats, especially beneficial for individuals in professions or industries at higher risk of litigation or legal disputes. 

Additionally, a private foreign trust can safeguard assets from political and economic instability in one's home country by diversifying them in a foreign jurisdiction. Estate planning represents another substantial advantage of obtaining a private foreign trust. By establishing a trust in a foreign jurisdiction, individuals can ensure the smooth transfer of wealth to heirs and beneficiaries, potentially minimizing estate taxes, avoiding probate, and providing long-term financial security for loved ones. Careful planning and structuring of the trust can enable individuals to have greater control over the distribution of assets in line with their wishes. Privacy concerns also play a vital role in the decision-making process when considering the acquisition of a private foreign trust. In many jurisdictions, the details of a trust and its beneficiaries are kept confidential, providing individuals with a level of privacy and security not always available in their home country. This confidentiality can be particularly valuable for those seeking to protect their personal and financial information from public scrutiny or unauthorized access.

In the decision-making process when considering the acquisition of a private foreign trust. In many jurisdictions, the details of a trust and its beneficiaries are kept confidential, providing individuals with a level of privacy and security not always available in their home country. This confidentiality can be particularly valuable for those seeking to protect their personal and financial information from public scrutiny or unauthorized access. Furthermore, the potential for tax advantages is a compelling factor in purchasing a private foreign trust. Depending on the jurisdiction, a foreign trust can offer tax planning opportunities that may result in reduced tax liabilities, allowing individuals to optimize their financial resources and minimize the impact of taxation on their wealth. By strategically structuring the trust and aligning it with favorable tax laws, individuals can capitalize on potential tax benefits that contribute to overall financial security and growth. 

Legal advantages are another aspect to consider when contemplating the acquisition of a private foreign trust. For individuals involved in international business or with assets across multiple jurisdictions, a foreign trust can provide legal protections that may not be available in their home country. This can include safeguards against expropriation, political instability, and changes in domestic laws that could impact the ownership and security of assets. Additionally, a foreign trust can offer an added layer of protection in the event of legal disputes or challenges to individual or corporate wealth, providing a legal framework that remains insulated from local jurisdictional issues.


However, it is important to approach the decision of purchasing a private foreign trust with due diligence and careful consideration. While the benefits are substantial, there are also potential challenges and complexities to navigate. Legal and financial advisors can offer invaluable guidance in understanding the regulatory requirements, tax implications, and practical considerations associated with the establishment and maintenance of a foreign trust. 

Proper structuring and compliance with legal and tax regulations are essential to fully realize the advantages of a private foreign trust while mitigating potential risks and pitfalls. As with any financial decision, the suitability of a private foreign trust depends on the specific circumstances, objectives, and risk tolerance of the individual or entity involved. It is essential to assess how the purchase of a foreign trust aligns with long-term financial planning, asset management, and succession goals. 

Additionally, consideration should be given to the ongoing administrative and compliance requirements associated with maintaining a foreign trust, as well as the potential impact on cross-border wealth management and inheritance strategies. In conclusion, the purchase of a private foreign trust offers a range of valuable benefits, including asset protection, estate planning, privacy, tax advantages, and legal protections. With careful evaluation and expert guidance, individuals and entities can leverage the advantages of a foreign trust to enhance their financial security, safeguard their assets, and plan for the long-term transfer of wealth. 

By understanding the intricacies of foreign trust ownership and engaging with knowledgeable advisors, individuals can make informed decisions that align with their specific needs and objectives, ensuring that a private foreign trust serves as a valuable tool in achieving their financial and wealth management goals.

My Story:

Hi I´m Druanna and my story began with dealing with a child support issue with a vindictive ex-husband many years ago. He not only took my older kids from me by committing acts of fraud, stating that I signed my kids away, his family had a lawyer and were all masons! At the time I had no idea what was happening. He had an affair with my friend and made plans to have me flown out to my home state California where I´m originally from. He lied to make it sound that I was to go only for two weeks. After two weeks was over, I called to fly back home, and then he turned on me like a snake! Saying that if I go near the property he would have me arrested! I was so shocked, that my heart sank! I had no money on me because I was a housewife for eight years we´ve been together. At the time he had the control. 

A few years later after I moved on with a new husband and had two more children then starting my career on Youtube to speak my truth, he decided that wasn´t enough and came after me for child support. That’s when I discovered a powerful solution to put a stop to his abuse and child support and won! I got my American passport back and defeated child support. I told them I will not pay a cent until I am able to see my kids again. They wouldn´t honor that. So with my Silver Bullet Foreign Trust I was able to stop them in their tracks. Below is an ebook ¨Be Bullet Proof¨ where I explain why having this powerful trust will not only protect you, your family and your assets, but it will also change your status from the debtor of the plantation to the executor of your Trust. Go below and hit the Sign up button to download the Free Ebook.

US Passport Renewed After Conquering Child Support! Go to 13:40 to see my passport and border crossing card!

Are you sick and weary of living in constant fear of losing your priceless possessions? 

Such as your home, vehicles, gold, silver, children, and afraid that your bank accounts, businesses, close down? 

Is your hefty tax bill endangering your health, keeping you from openly enjoying your profession and business, and prohibiting you from fostering your


Are you tired of legal disputes, lawsuits, and the worry that somebody can take away all of your priceless possessions if the other side wins? 

Do you want to keep your money in a bank account free from taxes? 

Do you wish to give up your US citizenship in order to avoid paying excessive taxes? 

Are you hoping to be accepted by another nation so you can live without paying taxes there? 

What if I told you that once you go to a private side, you don't have to lose your citizenship as an American? 

This can assist you in the same way as it assisted me and thousands of our other pupils who were able to escape the plantation! 

We are here to help business owners, investors, leaders, realtors, those who have many assets, and wish to pass their legacy on to their families. Those who

 want to defend themselves, their assets, and their loved ones against the gestapo's threats to suffocate them and take their money. The Silver Bullet

 Foreign Trust will safeguard you if you have gone through the legal system and the courts without receiving any relief for your condition. 



BOoks to read


This information is extremely valuable to the Secured Creditor & Foreign Agent who actually understands this work entirely. For a Security Agreement being prepared correctly and the UCC it can be very costly up to $50,000! With this book you are saving thousands with this PRICELESS INFORMATION It is this powerful information within these pages which saved me from Child Support Abuse also saving me hundreds of thousands of dollars and also getting my passport back. What is your freedom worth to you? 🔥Are you tired of living in constant fear of having your valuable assets taken from you? 🔥Such as your House, Cars, Gold, Silver, Your Kids, Including you, -Bank Accounts, Your Companies, LLCs Shut down? 🔥Is your high tax bill threatening your wellbeing, preventing you from freely enjoying your work, your business and allowing your creativity to soar? So you can make more money? 🔥Are you sick of legal issues, lawsuits, and fear that all of your cherished valuables will be removed if the other party won? 🔥Are you dealing with other heavy court issues, such as Child Support, Liens, Levys, Credit Card debt? 🔥Are you being threatend to go to prison for unpaid debt? 🔥Do you want to keep your money safe in a bank account that will not be taxed? 🔥Are you wanting to renounce your US Citizenship to get out of having to pay very high taxes? Hoping another country will accept you where you can live a tax free existence? 🔥What if I told you as an American you don´t have to renounce your citizenship once you change your status to the private side. 🔥This can help you as its helped me and thousands of our other students who have freed themselves from the plantation. We are here to serve those who are wanting to protect themselves their money, family from the gestapo from breathing down your neck wanting to drain the life out of you and your wealth. If you are one of these folks whose been through the lawyers, the courts, and haven´t received any remedy for your situation, then Becoming A Secured Creditor will protect you! I show you how to properly fill in your UCC and file it with Maryland which is where countries all over the world file through where the True lien is. It doesn´t matter which state or country your from. Templates for the Security Agreement, the Power of Attorney General, and other documents that will be added to your Secured Creditor Package and sent to Puerto Rico.