Welcome to Secured Creditor

Assisting Business Owners, Home Owners, Digital Nomads, Expats, Leaders, Investors globally to assist in protecting their assets from unwanted lawsuits, seizures, taxes, bogus credit claims with our Foreign Trusts! There is nothing like it in the world!

Welcome to Secured Creditor

Welcome to Secured Creditor

We help Business Owners, Home Owners, Leaders, Investors globally to assist in protecting their assets from unwanted lawsuits, seizures, taxes, bogus credit claims with our Foreign Trusts! There is nothing like it in the world! 


Good day folks. We will have our Last Ambassador Secured Creditor Class in June! Shortly after we will only be offering the Business Trust, Living Trust, and Irrevocable Silver Bullet Trust classes only. We are so very sorry. I´ve been working in the Industry of Secured Creditor work for thirteen years and realize that folks involved in this technology come from very victim minded energy we wish to no longer work with. We only prefer to work with Business Owners, Realtors, Investors, folks who have a good head on their shoulders and wish to keep their wealth protected so they can pass their legacy on to their family and children. 

Are you tired of worrying about the safety of your assets and loved ones in a world dominated by corporations? Our international irrevocable trust offers you the security and peace of mind that you need. With our trust, your assets are protected from any form of corporate threat, no matter where you are in the world.

Not only that, but our trust ensures that your family members are protected as well. No more worrying about the future of your loved ones in case something happens to you. With our trust, you can rest assured that your family members will be taken care of, and your legacy will live on.

Our trust is comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs. We pride ourselves on providing unmatched quality and customer support, so you can focus on what’s important in your life. Whether you’re a high net-worth individual, an entrepreneur, or a family looking for extra security, our international irrevocable trust is the best solution for you.
With over 13 years of experience helping people like you secure their assets and protect their families, we are confident that we can provide you with the best trust services possible. Contact us today to learn more and start living a worry-free life.

This is the only trust that pulls you out of the plantation giving you diplomatic immunity status! Where you´re able to crush any bogus lawsuits and crazy credit claims that are being used to charge against the Government Franchise name known as the birth certificate name. 
Because your foreign trust is a foreign entity, it can protect you from other foreign agents in your country.


The Irrevocable Foreign Trust (Silver Bullet Trust) you will need a trustee to administer your trust for you, and you will be the grantor. You can choose your name for the Trust or a Business Name. This is perfect for those who are need solid protection from Lawsuits, Creditors, those who may have a lot on their plate. You will have the Trustee open up a Trust checking account on your behalf. 

The Revocable Living (Business) Foreign Trust you will have complete control as the Grantor, Trustee and the Beneficiary and it will be completely protected. You can even open up a trust checking account yourself for this specific Trust.

Trust Checking Accounts which comes with both trusts are used to move your money freely tax free! Without having to worry about your money being seized or frozen or the surveillance of FedNow over your money, on what you can or can’t spend and how much you can spend without putting a time limit on your money as well on how fast you should spend it! This is the point I’m trying to make here on the power of having this trust which will also benefit the business owner greatly including those who wish to protect their money in the bank. 

The trust is it’s own foreign entity outside of the plantation defacto jurisdiction! With this same trust you can also start a credit line through, it becomes your own bank! You don’t have to fly to any country to set this up correctly! You don’t even have to leave your country! 


Both Trusts are tax exempt and can protect your from unforeseen challenges such as seizures, frozen accounts, judgements, lawsuits, creditors etc. 


You don´t have to be a Secured Creditor to have these trusts if you don´t wish to pursue that part.

But if you wish to do the Secured Creditor part we show you how to properly become a Nonadverse Secured Creditor so you are fully protected and we show you how to file your UCC in Maryland, send your packages to notify the Treasury in Puerto Rico, and show you other methods to pull you out of the jurisdiction as a slave.

Through this method I was able to get rid of Child Support and get my US passport back. I also show you how to discharge certain debts that involve judgements and lawsuits which you can do with the Foreign Trust of your choice.

I hope this helps! You may listen to my latest podcast here https://securecreditor.com/our-new-living-revocable-foreign-trust/



What are the benefits of being a Secured Creditor/ Foreign Agent/ Ambassador (Diplomat)

As a secured creditor, there are several benefits that you can obtain. By becoming a foreign agent, you can acquire powers similar to that of government authorities who have control over the population. However, not everyone qualifies to become a foreign agent. A secured creditor is a U.S. citizen holding a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, or naturalisation. By voiding the contracts that create U.S. citizenship and replacing them with an American indigenous status, you can take control of your government franchise name that is being monetised without your knowledge or permission. This knowledge gives you the power and freedom to discharge certain debts, court actions, lawsuits, and bogus credit claims at will. Our program can guide you in taking back the government franchise name from your birth certificate, giving you the power to operate as a diplomat, ambassador, or foreign agent. This will allow you to set up a foreign trust that protects your assets, money, and bank account from seizure, pulling you out of the slave jurisdiction and into being a foreign agent. Your trust will be entirely tax-exempt, and you can discharge debts and lawsuits successfully using this knowledge. Overall, by becoming a secured creditor and foreign agent, you can enjoy several benefits, including saving yourself from financial trouble and increasing your financial power. However, this process requires professional guidance and proper understanding before diving into it.

What is an Ambassador?

 An ambassador is an important representative of their country or Nation, who is sent to another country or international organization or other Foreign Agents, to act as a diplomat. They work to promote their nation´s interests, maintain relationships with other countries, and handle important international issues. They are chosen by their government and have extensive experience in diplomacy and politics. Their responsibilities can include negotiating treaties, promoting trade and cooperation, addressing security concerns, and communicating with their government and citizens who are abroad.


If you have questions feel free to read the Faqs page and see if that page answers them.


IF YOU ARE READY TO MOVE FORWARD PLEASE GO TO  THE QUESTIONNARE PAGE. Copy Paste and email it to our team and we can get started on your packages right away.

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What is a Trust Checking Account?

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This Course gives you an idea on how to properly put your ucc package together and your first package. 

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Welcome to my new Blog where I will be posting information weekly on alternative ways to deal with debt issues and lawsuits as a Secured Creditor through this blog. I started on this path since 2009 when I learned that Child Support was after me thanks to a vengeful ex-husband. I knew he was in the wrong because he wouldn’t let me see my kids and wanted money from me even though he didn’t need it. His parents bought him a house, cars whatever he wanted and when I was married to him he did´nt want me to work.

Since he started to see how I was getting popular on Youtube and started a new life with a new husband and having two more kids with him, his jealousy grew stronger and he wanted to make sure I suffered even more, so he got child support after me. After I became a Secured Creditor It took me three years to finally put a stop to this aggressive agency by discharging the debt using the power of this technology without having to take out any FRN notes to do so.

In this blog I will share with you stories, experiences and places you can go to do the research yourself to defeat these foreign agencies, but in order to do so you have to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible which I will be sharing in this blog to help you evolve into a powerful bullet proof Secured Creditor. I wrote a couple of books I’m sure you will find very helpful go here go to my Amazon page.

Foreign Trust and Credit Lines

I interviewed my special Guest David last night who is a Secured Creditor and states ¨I am a Holocaust Survivor¨, meaning even in the United States the country is controlled by other Foreign Agents who seek to destroy peoples lives including their children. David had a rough time while pursuing public education only to find himself in a very hostile environment! He explains through this tragic experience has led him to mastering the world of the Secured Creditor and how to draw out limitless credit from his Foreign Trust and his Foreign Corporations. This show will absolutely blow your mind! Listen and take notes and you may want to listen to it over and over again lol 


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This help you get an understanding of the history of how we became debtor slaves and the solution on how we can master the matrix.

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We show you how to put your ucc package together correctly through Maryland and send your package to Puerto Rico! I also show you ways to discharge the debt. 

This gets your feet wet to learning the history and why changing your status to Secured Creditor can protect your from Tyranny. If you are new to this work, this is the best place to start before signing up to one of our Live Trainings.