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Welcome to Secure Creditor!

Secure Creditor is here to help you reclaim your Birth Certificate in order to protect your Family, Assets, Money, Home, Personal Property, etc., giving you Security and Privacy. Many of our students have felt the fear of  The Government, Debt Collectors, IRS, Courts,when they try to steal their hard earned money, assets, and children, which is Unconstitutional! Many Americans have been rejected from opening up a Bank Account in other countries due to FATCA’s Policies, which prevents people from banking safely and securely. If you have more than $10,000 dollars in your Bank Account, you’ll need to report this to FATCA by filing out a W-9 form. Yes, you have to, but only if you are a FEDERAL EMPLOYEE OF THE USA INC. Once you take back your Birth Certificate Bond by using the power of the UCC, we can then help you obtain a Private Tax Exempt Number (PTEN) from the IRS, which is completely LEGAL and LAWFUL! DO NOT underestimate the power of your Birth Certificate and your Signature, because these two things alone can help you resolve any problems you may encounter!

Within the last 2 to 3 years, we have seen a massive surge in interest in becoming a Secured Party Creditor, because people are finally waking up!! So, we urge you to stop procrastinating and being fearful of what the government might do to you, because it’s all Propaganda and Fear Tactics to keep you Subservient, Obedient, and an Unknowing Slave. Once you reclaim your Birth Certificate, it’s like putting on Impenetrable Armor that will protect you from anything these Agencies throw at you! But, we also understand there are those of you whom are scared of taking the first step, because you are fearful of going to jail, or you think this is too difficult, or you don’t have the time or money, or some other excuse.  Just keep in mind that no one can help you, but YOURSELF, you are an adult and need to handle all of your affairs like an adult, instead of complaining and hoping that things will improve, because they won’t, they’ll only get worse! We are providing you with a solution that will have you laughing to the bank, but we are not here to force you into freeing yourselves, unless you want to. Once established as a Secured Party Creditor, which is easy and cheap, you will enjoy a Status HIGHER than those trying to squeeze you for every penny you’ve earned! You will now be the one calling the shots, and determining what’s best for your Family, Finances, Personal Assets, Land, and anything else you can think of, legally! So, we invite you to join our rapidly growing family of Secured Party Creditors/Primary Lien Holders, and use this hidden knowledge to improve your situation and lifestyle! We look forward to seeing you on the other side, and helping us spread this knowledge far and wide, so eventually the whole world wakes up! 


To stay up to date on all the latest information for Secure Creditor, hop on over to YouTube and you’ll find my New YouTube Channel called Sea Goddess. There you’ll find all the most recent Updates, Notices, Specials, and Testimonials to help you along your journey to becoming a Secured Party Creditor/Primary Lien Holder. While you’re there, please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, AND SHARE to help us get this important information in front of more people, and spread the word so that others wake up to the TRUTH! Thank you for your support!

With this power you are free to:

Bank freely anywhere around the world without having to report any of your earnings as you now hold Diplomatic Status with a Private Tax Exempt Number, and Non-Adverse Secure Creditor Status.

-You can eliminate any Lawsuits against you.
-Wipe out ALL Debt.
-Restore your Credit FICOs to excellent.
-Erase Student Loans.
-Claim your Mortgage.
-Claim ownership of your Assets.
-Claim your Children on your UCC1.
-and much much more!!!

If you’re like most people, you are just becoming aware of the situation we are in. Our identities have been stolen from us at Birth, then used by Banks to trade on our name without our knowledge or permission…nor did we receive any royalties in return. Once you reclaim your Birth Certificate and become a Non-Adverse, Non-Belligerent, and Non-Combatant, Secured Party Creditor, it will open doors to additional benefits and protections you never thought existed! We urge you not to wait, join the worldwide movement, and take care of your status ASAP, and become a Secure Creditor now to ensure you and your family are protected, even during Marshall Law, Gun Seizures, Mandatory Vaccinations, and the theft of your Children through Child Protective Services (CPS).

If you are having difficulty making payment with your Credit/Debit Card using Stripe, then please use Western Union, or Wire Transfer instead. We also give you the option of using Litecoin: 3PkiPWuEhzQCKJpFDZUza3kYQ4vJFtsJ6z, or Bitcoin: 3NEDWcfYkdi2nWfSiXiFushPjScjfKawQ8Please email us at securecreditor@gmail.com if you need further assistance, and we’d be happy to help.

Thank You!

There’s a Right Way and a WRONG WAY to become a Secure Creditor!

Accessing your TDA Account could land you in Jail, or get you Assassinated.

What is a Non-Adverse Secure Creditor?

Our Belief

Secure Creditor believes it is best to operate as a Non-Adverse, Non-Belligerent, and Non-Combatant, which means we’d prefer to conduct ourselves in a peaceful manner, understanding that we have the POWER to resolve any matter concerning our Children, Finances, Assets, Court Cases, Debts, Real Estate, etc. We politely and peacefully handle all Agencies without having to go to War with them! There are may other websites and groups out there teaching their students to wage WAR against these Corporations without realizing the consequences or ramifications for their actions, which is dangerous and unnecessary. In this situation, the Agencies will always have the upper hand, while you are in War status. By conducting yourselves as a Non-Adverse, Non-Belligerent, and Non-Combatant Secured Party Creditor, our UCC Lien registration is one of the highest, if not the highest true liens one can obtain, because we are protected by The Hague Conventions (1899), and The Geneva Accords (1954). We wave the White Flag clearly stating “We are Civilians in a Time of War, and we come peacefully! Let’s settle all accounts in a civilized manner!” If you follow this same path, you will find tremendous success, and will not create enemies along the way!


The May 2018 LIVE WEBINAR completely SOLD OUT, and we were not sure if we would setup another one any time soon. But, over the last week or so, we’ve received an overwhelming response from those that could not register in time for the May 2018 Live Webinar, and have decided to schedule another LIVE Webinar for June/July 2018. So, if you missed the last registration due to one reason or another, here’s your chance to register again! This is it folks!

This is just a reminder as the censorship has gotten out of control and the only thing we can do is go with the flow and move on! We’ve made it out of the USA and are free to move onto other ventures. But many of you are not free! Wake up! Even if you moved out of the country you can’t open a bank account as an American! Or FATCA will get you! Many banks are rejecting Americans! I felt it in Thailand! We know how to get you out of this! This is the last time I’m sharing this info. I’m so sorry I can’t keep going after July 2018 due to other obligations that need to come first. We will be sailing a lot from place to place during our off time, so don’t miss this upcoming Online Webinar for June 2018, otherwise it may be months to half a year before we hold another one. Please click any of the Registration Links on the Webinar page, and you’ll be taken to our Portal, where you can register for the next LIVE Online Webinar for June 2018. Take advantage of the discounted pricing at $900, before the price goes back up to $1000! PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AND ASSETS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

We are now offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on the eCourse WITHOUT Service, and for the eCourse Part 1 (A LA CARTE), in case you feel that what we’re teaching isn’t for you. So, try out our eCourse to see if the information is everything we said it would be, because you are covered!

30 Day Guarantee - securecreditor.com

Secure Creditors are NOT Sovereign Citizens or U.S. Citizens!

ALERT: Proof of the Communist Elite Agenda in The United States of America!

Testimony Student Discharged Student Loans/Credit Card Debt $2500

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Offshore Banking with Private Tax Exempt Number

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Learn the TRUTH about FREEDOM, SECRET KNOWLEDGE, ALIENS, HIDDEN AGENDAS, and CONSPIRACIES, every Thursday night at 6pm EST and 3pm PST.

BIRTH CERTIFICATE – You need to RECLAIM your BIRTH CERTIFICATE in order to protect you and your loved ones. Your Birth Certificate is worth BILLIONS and YOU are the Priority Creditor, and all Banks and Gov’t are secondary! Once you reclaim your Birth Certificate, YOU can WIPE OUT ALL DEBT, and much much more!!! Never be afraid of Debt Collectors, IRS, Court, Mortgages, Child Support, Lawsuits, etc., because your Signature is powerful when you reclaim your Birth Certificate. As a Secured Creditor, you are now the BANK, and you will have the POWER to eliminate ANY DEBT with the stroke your pen! The Elites DO NOT want you to know this for fear that everyone will wake up and see their SYSTEM OF DECEIT AND ENSLAVEMENT!

Welcome to Secure Creditor! Here you will find life changing information regarding your Birth Certificate, and how to become a Secured Party Creditor. When you were born, you were assigned a Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate. This essentially monetized your birth, and you as well as your parents were not disclosed on the reason WHY. If this information is new to you, and you are still trying to understand what all this talk is about Birth Certificates, we highly suggest watching this updated video. Here, Dr. Druanna Wails™ gives you a jaw dropping explanation as to why the Birth Certificate was created, what it means to you, and how it could be worth Billions! Enjoy!

Secure Creditor can help you with your Birth Certificate, Child Support, Liens, Levies, Judgements, Lawsuits, Criminal & Civil Charges, Utility Bills, Credit Card Debt, Mortgages, Student Loans, Auto & Motorcycle Loans, or anything involving a debt issue! Secure Creditor will provide you with all of the Instructions, Training, Forms, Contacts, and LIFETIME VIP Forum Support, so you can start taking advantage of the benefits of becoming a Private Secured Creditor!

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” –Socrates

Secure Creditor is not a Sovereign Group. If you would like more info on becoming a Secured Creditor, please email Dr. Rev Druanna Wails™ Team at securecreditor@gmail.com.

Students who come from diverse backgrounds like Real Estate Agents, Financial & Insurance Brokers, Bondsman, Private Investigators, Tax Business Owners, Stock & Bond Traders, Bankers, Attorneys, Law Enforcement, Entrepreneurs, Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Retail Business Owners, and Veterans to name some. 

Secured Creditor International Private Bankers operates under International Law. We do not operate under the USA, INC. Also, we are sometimes mistaken for a sovereign freeman on the land group, which we do not associate with. We teach others who are ready to become a Private Banker and/or Secure Creditor on how to operate on the Private Side, and reclaim your Birth Certificate Bonds as well as create new ones.

Here are some of the questions we receive from those interested in becoming a Secured Party Creditor or Private Banker. All Questions below will be answered in the training, and we will teach you how to resolve each depending on your situation, and much much more!

-What is a Secured Party Creditor or Private Banker?
-How to become a Secured Party Creditor?
-What is my Birth Certificate worth?
-How to reclaim your Birth Certificate?
-How to use your Birth Certificate to payoff any Debts?
-What is a UCC1?
-How to reclaim personal assets and property?
-Do I have to pay Income Tax to the IRS?
-Do I need to create a Power of Attorney General (POAG)?
-As a Secured Party Creditor, can resolve speeding tickets?
-As a Secured Party Creditor, can resolve Child Support issues and payments?
-As a Secured Party Creditor, can I eliminate my Student Loans?
-As a Secured Party Creditor, can I resolve all of my Credit Card Debt?
-As a Secured Party Creditor, can I stop Bill Collections?
-As a Secured Party Creditor, can I clean up my Credit FICO scores?
-As a Secured Party Creditor, can I resolve Lawsuits against me?
-As a Secured Party Creditor, can I open an Offshore Banking Account?
-As a Secured Party Creditor, can I payoff my Mortgage?
-As a Secured Party Creditor, can I payoff my Auto Loan?
-Why is it important to Notarize, Authenticate, Apostille, Trademark, and use Registered Mail?

These are just a few of the important questions we will be covering and much more, so you can establish yourself as a Secured Party Creditor correctly, legally, and quickly. If you follow our instructions EXACTLY, you will learn why your Birth Certificate is so so important, and how you can use your new status as a Secured Party Creditor to resolve many of the problems you’re facing today peacefully, and in a Non-Adverse, Non-BelligerentNon-Combative manner. This information is POWERFUL, and will alter the way you think and conduct yourself when dealing with any Bank or Corporation. We will give you our blueprint to our methods and paperwork, so you can protect yourself and your loved ones Internationally, while enjoying the benefits of your new found status. Get ready, because you’re going to learn how to take control of your life and assets, and see behind the veil of deception we’ve been led to believe. Join our rapidly growing family of established Secured Party Creditor’s, and you’ll never look back, FREEDOM IS AROUND THE CORNER!

IMPORTANT: There is a huge movement happening in the U.S.A. and around the World right now, where people are starting to wake up from the LIES and DECEPTION our government and the Globalists have fed us. The American People have been asleep for the last 150 years, assuming that our government is looking out for our best interests, but in reality they’ve been ripping us off in broad daylight. What people don’t realize is that our Country as well as others have been Hijacked under Color of Law, and are being controlled and manipulated by Central Banks and Foreign Governments, the U.S.A. is not what you think it is! The harsh reality is that the American People and others around the world are being “MONETIZED and EXPLOITED” without our consent or knowledge by these Foreign Entities. Your Labor as a Living Breathing Person is worth Millions and even Billions of dollars to them, but the Elitists will never tell you that. From the day you were born, you were enslaved by their elaborate “System” to become CHATTEL for the Elites. Everything you think is normal like paying credit cards, debt, income tax, a mortgage, DMV registration, property taxes, and many others, are how they trick us with their System. But, the great news is that people are beginning to see the TRUTH, the cracks in the dam are starting to get larger, and soon it will burst wide open! Over the last 5 years, we’ve seen people by the thousands taking back control of their Strawman, Property, and removing themselves from the System, where you are no longer a Federal Employee of theirs. Once you become a Secured Party Creditor (1st Position), you will have the knowledge and tools to RECLAIM YOUR IDENTITY, PROPERTY, AND RIGHT TO PROSPER, not subject to Admiralty/Maritime Law. You will no longer be under their control as a Federal Employee, and you can begin reaping the rewards of your new found status legally using their laws and paperwork against them. This information is only privy to the Elites, and they don’t want you to know this, because it will destroy their System of Control and remove them from power! When you know the Truth, you can then help others free themselves from the Matrix. But, TIME is of the essence, because the Globalists are aware of this movement, and are trying everything in their power to slow it down! But, once the cat is out of the bag, their System will come crashing down Worldwide, and tens of thousands of corrupt individuals will be going to prison for perpetrating the largest PONZI Scheme the World has ever seen! If you care about you and your family’s future as well as our Country’s, then TAKE ACTION NOW by signing up for one of our Training Courses to get started today. This will undoubtedly be the most important decision you’ll make in your lifetime, because it will determine whether you will continue being a Slave making them Trillions, or standing up and saying enough is enough in a peaceful and non-belligerent manner! If you decide to do nothing, then you will continue working your fingers to the bone, punching a time clock rain or shine to make a windfall profit for the Elites, or you can reclaim your assets now and start pocketing that money for yourself! If you are interested in signing up for our next Training, please choose a package that best fits your needs below. If you have questions about what to register for, you can email us at securecreditor@gmail.com, and we’d be happy to help you decide and provide you with further information not listed on our website. We wish you all Love, Light, and Happiness, and are here to help.

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Forensic Investigator eCourse: $67 until June 10, 2018

Great News everyone! I have yet another course “Forensic Investigation Course” on sale! This should be the requirement course before becoming a Secure Creditor as it is loaded with powerful tools to build your own case without the help of a Lawyer. You have the power to LEGALLY take these corrupt Agencies to Court, zero out any Debt and Sue them for Harassment and Fraud! We have lowered the price from $150 to $67. This is also packed with some extra BONUS Credit Repair docs, which you can incorporate into this process. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A SECURE CREDITOR FOR THIS COURSE. YOU CAN USE THIS POWER IN ANY SITUATION SUCH AS Credit Card Debt, Foreclosures, Student Loans, Car Loans, Child Support, CPS, Lawsuits, YOU NAME IT! Take advantage of the low price until June 10, 2018. You can also become an Affiliate making 50 percent on each course. We can help each other spread this powerful info far and wide to stop the PIRATES IN THEIR TRACKS and have the confidence to exercise this power without having any NEGATIVE repercussions. Without this knowledge, even a Secure Creditor would fail without learning this powerful formula first. https://illuminatingknowledge.teachable.com/purchase?product_id=667305

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Second Chance!!!

We’ve SOLD OUT for the May 2018 LIVE Online Webinar, due to reaching our max capacity of 25 students. We wish we could take on more students, but that would diminish the Quality of our training, and it would also reduce the amount of time spent answering your questions. But, the GREAT NEWS is that we’ve decided to hold another LIVE Online Webinar for June/July 2018. Originally, we planned to shut down this website and all services for 6 months, so we could focus on our other obligations. But, because we’ve received so much positive feedback over the last week or so, we’ve decided to hold one last LIVE Online Webinar before pursuing our other ventures. This is your Second Chance to becoming a Secured Party Creditor, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Protect yourself and your loved ones NOW before it’s too late! God forbid you get that knock on the door without your Secured Party Creditor paperwork in place, because you and your family will have ZERO PROTECTION when it comes to the Courts, Banks, IRS, Child Protective Services, Law Enforcement, Collections, etc. Stop living in the Matrix, WAKE UP and join the MOVEMENT, because your life and assets depend on it! If you wait for that dreaded knock on your door unprotected, I can assure you that you will have NO STANDING or RIGHTS in ADMIRALTY Court as a regular civilian! But, as a Secured Party Creditor, you become a Priority Lien Holder, which puts you in a POSITION of POWER! The Courts, Banks, and every other illegal Foreign Agency masquerading as legitimate governmental services will now have to respect your new status, and treat you like their employer as opposed to their employee/slave. Once you submit your documentation to the appropriate Agencies, you will begin to see the power of your new found status, and learn to use it to your advantage when it comes eliminating Debt, Boosting your Credit Scores, Winning your Court Cases, Wiping Out your Mortgage, Eliminating your Student Loans, and so much more!

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SOVEREIGN MAGICK by Druanna Johnston (eBook available at lulu.com)

Within you is a powerful Magickian that can change your reality through your thoughts, words, and emotions. You can create whatever it is you wish. Sovereign Magick, author Druanna Johnston shows you how by providing information to help you unlock your hidden potential. She shares her life experiences as a practicing magickian, psychic empath, and healer. Druanna gives insight into using tools such as the tarot to foretell your future, and do spell work, the power of scrying to enhance your clairvoyant abilities, and communicate with your guides, learn the mystical significance of numerology to predict your destiny, use the power of sound and what foods to avoid to raise your vibrational frequency, enhance your psychic ability, create your own talismans to obtain anything you desire, amulets to ward off dark forces and illnesses, create powerful sigils of your own. Included is a correspondence list for each tarot card to guide you. Create High Magickal rituals to empower your life.

Much Love and Light


Did you know you can wipe out Credit Card Debt with paperwork - securecreditor.com

The Hidden Truth of our Birth Certificate

Deadly Debt Weapon Letter

Gun Seizures in California, True History Origins of Humankind

Forensic Investigation Live Webinar April 7th 8th

My Dream America Gave up their guns back in July 2011

Congratulating My Hubby who got his Private Number Today! Protect your Assets and family as a Secure Creditor

Please read the FAQs page first before emailing any questions. Also, please visit our eCourse and Webinar pages for more information on our Secured Creditor training programs.



Testimonial from May 1, 2018:

Servistech is a former student, and a fine example of how you can MAKE A LIVING SHUTTING THESE AGENCIES DOWN! This is just one of many techniques we will cover in the JUNE 2018 LIVE WEBINAR, so signup now before we reach our MAX of 25 students!!!

Sea Goddess 01 - securecreditor.com

Testimonial from February 17, 2018

Hi Dr. Druanna,

Thank you very much for your help.  Here is the result of one of the accounts.  This is the  Lowes account with more than $9,000.00 Dollars in debit on Nov. 16, 2017 Credit Karma’s report.  And, then, the ZERO balance and closed account from today’s Credit Karma report on Feb. 19, 2018 (Good News)!!!

Thanks again for your help.

It definitely works!

Akbar Moatamedi

Testimonial from February 1, 2018

Thank you so much for the great video training and the professional service. The courts stopped harassing me when I sent out the Deadly weapon letter and the UCC followed with the Administrative process. Feels so great to know I have total control to take a stand against the courts and the credit bureau! When we believe that we need to go to court because they tell you to, that is an illusion. All I had to do was sent them paperwork to put a stop to their harassment. No Lawyer needed either!

-Dylan T Mo.

Listen to these Testimonials from Bruce and Brie (June 24, 2016)

Select “More Secure Creditor Success Testimonials! Success Principles”


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ALL IS ONE…Wealth Subliminal Manifestation Movies.

[ Birth Certificate ]

Your Birth Certificate is a Bond that was created after your Birth, used to trade in the Stock Market by Corporations and Financial Institutions. Once you reclaim ownership of your Birth Certificate Bond as Collateral on your UCC, you will then become the Primary Secured Creditor of your Estate, and you will be able to wipe out all public debt with it! By reclaiming your Birth Certificate, you are pulling yourself out of the Matrix, and Empowering yourself with the sacred knowledge and tools we were never meant to discover! By following our Training, you will learn how to separate yourself and your loved ones from Admiralty Law, so you can take full advantage of the Law of the Land. You will understand how the System works, and how you can use this knowledge to take control of your life and your finances! We invite you to join us for our next Training Session, and look forward to seeing you on the other side.


This is not legal advice, medical advice, or a credit repair company. This technology is not for everyone, and can be dangerous if not handled with the utmost responsibility. We operate as peaceful Secured Party Creditors, and do not operate in an adverse or hostile manner. We always keep the peace, and educate these Agencies rather than going to war with them. We instead teach you how to do this yourself, and take 100 percent responsibility in executing the documents provided. We guide and educate you through our eCourse, Workshops, or Webinars. Each student will experience different results based on individual circumstances, and it will be up to you to always complete your due diligence before ever submitting anything. Secure Creditor is not responsible for those that do not follow our instructions, nor are we liable to anyone that deviates from our proven methods.