Birth Certificate

Brief: When you were born, a Birth Certificate was created for you, then sold to a Bank to trade on the International Financial Markets. Your Birth Certificate is essentially a Bond that can be traded in a Mutual Fund that can be tracked. So, when you were born, your parents unknowingly sold you to the banks to make you a slave to the United States of America, Inc., which is NOT the united States of America (not a typo).

How to Reclaim

By going through our course information, and learning our Secrets, you will learn how to become a Private Banker dealing on the Private Side. You will learn to take back control of your lawful name and identity using our paperwork and proven methods. You will learn to remove the Strawman identity that currently poses as you, so you can wipe out all Debt, and leverage the accounts created under your Strawman. This type of FREEDOM is PRICELESS, and the Establishment doesn’t want you knowing this, because they want to keep you an indentured slave to their Ponzi System!