Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I have a Felony Record, whether it be for Murder, Theft, Pedophilia, Child Abuse, Human Trafficking, Serial Killer, Rape, Embezzlement, Fraud, Money Laundering, Criminal Activity, Incited Violence, etc., can I still register for your Training?

Unfortunately, we have to say NO, we cannot help those that have willfully committed a crime or hurtful offense against Humanity. For those that have been unfairly convicted of a crime prior to any changes in the US Corporation’s Laws like possession or the growing of Marijuana, we may allow you into the Training, due to the fact that Marijuana is becoming legalized Nationwide and Internationally. But, that does not include Cartels, Syndicates, Massive Drug Operations, or Drug Dealers. Just regular people please, trying to heal themselves holistically.

I don’t have any money, but I want your help! 

We are so sorry but we do not work for free. But, we will provide you with all of the information we teach our students, but you’ll have to do your Due Diligence before proceeding, so you avoid mistakes and wasted filing fees. If you want our free information, please go to sovereignwarriors2.ning.com and search for free info to help you on your journey to awakening. If you need further help, we only offer our services to those who are very serious about getting started ASAP. If money is an issue for you to manifest, we suggest going here to change the way you view your beliefs about money and yourself by reprogramming the way you think. Read some good books by Abraham Hicks on the Law of Attraction, and work on yourself first before pursuing this path as this is a commitment and a lifestyle change. We’ve been there before and pulled ourselves out of it. Link: http://tinyurl.com/zsqr9p2

If things go to court for bills and other etc., I know that the courts don’t have jurisdiction because of maritime law, etc. (I’m fuzzy on the details) … but also that the courts tend to just ignore those facts, call it trivial and go on as they wish anyway.  Would it not be so for us as well? 

That is why we do not go to court, that is not our play ground, only for the federal employees of the USA inc. 😉 

Similar to the previous concern, even if our papers are in order, will the police (or UN troops) or FEMA even care that I have papers?  Won’t they do as they wish anyway?  I guess I don’t understand who will be there to argue our case and make them leave us alone. 

Again you are not only protected by the Geneva Accord you are also protected by the UCC1 and they will need to respect the Geneva and the Hague as you are protected under this convention as a civilian. 

How will this affect past federal and state tax liabilities?

There are no taxes or liabilities as that is the liability of the US government. You are simply there to forgive their debt as the creditor you are. 😉

Affect on credit and future use of credit?  If I use the Deadly Weapon letter to cancel/refute unsecured debt, won’t I be black-listed from each institution?  I’d still need to be able to use banks, etc.  Particularly with the govt’s all over the world going to digital currency (not meaning bitcoin).

We still work in harmony with the banks and operate as 2 people. We take control of the Birth Certificate, and we operate on the private side, especially to keep our business private. You can move your corporation (name) anyway if you wish, its you who is the creditor to back up the name, not the government. So, YES, you can still bank, you may wish to bank offshore using a tax exempt number from the IRS once you get your package prepared for you, then you can operate as an international foreigner without borders, but can still play the game as a US Citizen. 😉 Living a double agent life so to speak, but now you will know the truth behind the matrix, and know how to use your new found status to your advantage! 

You mentioned in a recent video that you had accepted payment via bitcoin, which is very much what I’d like to do. Yet the terms and conditions don’t reflect the ability to pay that way. Is there a way to pay with BTC? 

Because you will be paying via BTC you don’t need to fill in the terms and conditions. Even Western Union or Money order no need for the terms, only if you are using credit or debit card. 

Do you have a ballpark figure on additional fees or costs to complete the process beyond what we pay for in the course? (filing fees, postal tracking fees, passport fees, etc, etc.)??  I know you can’t commit so such, but a ballpark figure would help me to see what I need to sell to be able to do this, so I don’t get into a corner and find out I can’t complete due to some weird govt. fee or such.

With the June 2018 Live Webinar You will receive the video training, plus service and one month of training by me Druanna. 🙂 We will be meeting every week until you have one or both of your packages are sent out, and I answer your questions at the end of the Webinar to help with Debt concerns. This will be live via computer, phone and Email. Just 1 hour coaching session costs $150. 

For those students who purchase the SC eCourse plus service now, if they decide they want to sign up for the live webinar all they need to pay is the difference. 

My question for you is, I was born on an Army Base that is located in Landstuhl, Germany. Since my Birth Certificate is a “born abroad” Birth Certificate, is there anything different/special that I need to do while putting the paperwork together?

To answer your question, there is nothing special to do, just state it is a Birth Certificate abroad from the United States and apply the BC numbers on your UCC and Security agreement. 🙂

Will this stop my Disability Benefits? 

If you are on Disability, Veterans Benefits, SSI, or any type of government benefits, becoming a Secure Creditor will not stop your Benefit Payments as the money coming from these benefits are also coming from your Birth Certificate.

Will I go to JAIL using this technology? 

If you put on an adverse persona and fight with the courts, the cops in an adversarial manner, then yes you can go to jail. What we teach is acting peacefully and helping to settle these accounts against your Government Franchise name. You take on the Secure Creditor who acts very certain and confident of him or herself to handle these affairs with Class. 😉 Remember you are the Secure Creditor, and you are here to help with the Bankruptcy of the United States Corporation by accepting and forgiving THEIR DEBTS. 😉 You are non-adverse, and not at war.

Can I become a Secure Creditor as a Permanent Residence of the Country I am residing in?

We prefer that you are a Naturalized Citizen or a Citizen of the country you are residing in first, or at least have a passport. If you have a USA Passport you can use that as a bond. But, we still prefer you have a Naturalization Certificate, or an American Citizenship Certificate if you wish to be a Secure Creditor of the USA. 

Can this help with Child Custody issues concerning the other parent, so I can get my kids back? 

Yes! Being a Secure Creditor can, but there is a certain way you act in getting your message across. We prefer that you communicate with the parent first as best as you can to settle your differences.  You need to be a Secure Creditor first. We do not deal with any custody issues. 

What if my name is different from my Birth Certificate?? 

The name you use on your Debtor side and Secure Creditor Side is the name that is on your Driver’s license, and is the same name that is on your bill. The name you no longer use which is in your birth Certificate name should be used in your Collateral area in the UCC-1. For Married women with different last names if the married name is on your driver’s license, passport etc., use that name as the Secure Party and Debtor and you add the birth last name to the UCC as collateral. We show you how to do this.

What if my name is different from my Birth Certificate??

Again, use the name you go by on your Driver’s License or State ID, so when you get your documents Notarized, The Notary can match your identity with the name. 🙂

Can I Cash out my Birth Certificate??

YES! But, at this time we do not teach you how to cash in on your Birth Certificate. You will learn to create bonds and a Private Foreign Trust when you get to level 2 and learn to monetize, etc. 

What Debts can I wipe out? 

Child Support, Liens, Levies, Judgements, Lawsuits, Charges from the Courts (Criminal or Civil), Utility Bills, Mortgages, Student Loans, Auto Loans, pretty much anything involving a Debt issue.

My Birth Certificate does not contain the information on the bottom that you mentioned in one of your videos, and, I tried looking up the bond number on the Fidelity website like others have mentioned doing, but it states that the “Symbol does not exist.” Will there still be a Bond in my name even if the Birth Certificate does not state that it is a bond or represented by a financial institution?

If you have a Bill or any kind of Debt in your name, then Yes you have a Birth Certificate Bond or a Naturalization Certificate.

You mentioned that following this process may not wipe out debt (like Mortgage), but will allow the dealings between the mortgage holder and I to do business on the private side. Can you please elaborate a little on how does this works?

There is no guarantee that the Banks will honor this technology when wiping out the Mortgage Debt by sending them a Debt Validation Letter, or Discharging Instruments. This is sending our Private Instruments to the Public Side, which we never want to do! We handle it on the Private Side through the U.S. Treasury or the IRS. When you settle it on the private side you are accepting their debt forgiving their debt with your signature, which is credit and gives them access into your escrow account which is your Birth Certificate. When done correctly this way, they settle the debt privately as you can only pay using your signature. Look up HJR 192, they took away our way to pay, which was our gold and silver. We have been having success in handling Foreclosures! You need to add your house to your UCC1, and file it with the State you live in, and then record it in your local County Recorder. 

Another person on YouTube says he was threatened by the FBI or Secret Service when attempting this procedure. I am not in fear of them, however I would like to know what I am dealing with. Have any of your students/clients reported any attempted intimidation by the Alphabet Agencies (FBI, CIA, DEA, NSA, ATF, IRS, etc.)?

No, because we only teach our students to operate in a non-adverse and peaceful manner giving them what they want, which is credit from our Birth Certificate Escrow Account. We are here to help with the Bankruptcy by creating more credit to settle their books, so they can issue more Currency. We do not teach our students to be Adversarial where we take our Birth Certificates only for ourselves. We try to work together by depositing our Birth Certificates in the Proper Treasury Account as Credit. 

Have you noticed greater success by you filling out the documents over your students? And, is it possible to mess up by inputting slightly unclear verbiage in the documents, or is it pretty straight forward? 

Those who have an advanced knowledge will benefit from the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Package, as well as following instructions to the T, and having more time to correctly complete their paper work. If you don’t have much time to put the package together, we can help with that load and prepare your package for you. We DO NOT File your UCC1/UCC3, or record your Package for you, nor do we send it out for you! You have to learn how to do this on your own, but with our instructions, because you will need to renew it in 5 years.

Once I purchase a Package, how soon will I be able to get started?

Once you’ve made the purchase and we receive your information via email plus your Terms and Conditions signed in front of a notary,  it will take up to 7 to 10 days turnaround time for us to prepare Package 1 for you. We will send your prepared documents via email with instructions. The eCourse invite will be sent to you within 24 hours after purchase of the SC Master Mind Level 1 eCourse. If you purchase the SC Master Mind Level 1 Live Webinar Training, you will not gain access until the date the Webinar begins.  When putting your package together, it depends on you how fast you can get the prepared documents notarized, recorded, and your UCC filed, etc. You can get this done within a few days to a week. After you are finished in following the instructions in putting your package together to send off to Puerto Rico, please give up to 1 to 2 weeks before you receive your Green Card receipt. After you’ve received this receipt, you are able to Discharge Debt. It is advised that you prepare your Second Package, because this package are documents that notify certain Agencies of your new Status. 

What is the turnaround time regarding our Bills getting paid? 

This can range from 1 and a half months to 6 months, depending on the bank, and whether it’s being handled on the Private or Public side. You never want to deal with the Public Side, because they will waste your time, and delay the discharging process.

What Bills are eligible to be paid?

Is it only Debt and Taxes, or can we also submit our monthly Utility Bills, Auto Payments, Insurance, Cable Bill, etc.? All Debts are eligible to be paid with your BC Bond including Utility bills. We advise that you pay a full year ahead for the Utility Bill. Debt, Lawsuits, Liens Levies, Charges, Court Fees, Child Support, Equity Loans, Student Loans, Auto Loans, Speeding Tickets, Mortgages, etc. 

Do you assist with receiving payment? If so, what is the turnaround time for payment? 

We are only taking Bitcoins, Western Union, MoneyGram, and Wire Transfer. The Package/Webinar course we offer is geared for Discharging Purposes mainly, meaning to wipe out debt, or raise your Credit or FICO Scores. 

I also saw on your website, that you’re able to assist with jail. Can this work when someone is already incarcerated, or is it just for prevention? 

Your NEW Secure Creditor status can be used for either situation. 

Is this a Scam? 

No! The work we do is not a scam as we provide service and education on our technology. Also, many of our happy students voluntarily send us their Testimonials that the information we teach worked beyond their wildest dreams! It all depends on the student as each will have different experiences and successes. Also, due to the track record of Dr. Druanna Wails being on YouTube since 2008 and the fact she is still on YouTube doing what she does proves she is not scamming anyone. She’s one of the few who is actually showing her face as many other so called secure creditors will not show their presence on camera. We realize that this info is not viewed highly by the banks as they want everyone to be asleep so they can double dip into your account. As Secure Creditors we put a stop to this, letting them know our worth and the power of our Birth Certificates, and the use of our signature to discharge any and all Public Debt. We are here to help everyone benefit. 

We want to talk to you on phone, how can we do this? 

Due to the high volume of emails we receive on a daily basis, Dr. Rev. Druanna Wails™ is no longer taking phone calls. But, she has hired a support staff to help answer your emails and phone calls. Or, you can setup a one on one consultation.

Is it possible to use your technique after acquiring new debt, and is there any recourse in doing this?

Yes, you sure can! And, No, as long as you’re in Peace and you make sure you pay your bills until your status is solid!

As an Australian, Canadian, New Zealander, Englishman…will I be able to do this?? Will it work for me? 

Yes! What we offer can work for you in those countries. We’ve had successes in Canada, USA, and Australia. 

What type of Webinar is this? 

This is a compilation of Prerecordings from 2014 to 2018. All priceless information that never gets old. With each webinar we include newer info each time along with Live Training, depending on what package you choose. If you choose the Live Webinar only, you will receive 2 days of live training, or you can choose the Live Webinar PLUS Service, which gives you 4 days of live training. 

Can you explain why you call yourself Reverend? Are you a registered Church leader or just registered to marry people in the US? I am interested in knowing the advantages of being called a Reverend(Rev) in the US, and how to obtain it.

Doctor in Latin means to teach, and Reverend is used as a Title to address a form of Clergy. Dr. Rev. Druanna Wails is a Doctor in Metaphysical Science through the Universal Life Church, She has a Bachelors with the University of Metaphysics, and is ordained through ULC and UM. This is simply a title just like the name you go by, the nickname you call yourself, or the name you are addressed in your coven, society, career, which is simply connected with the EGO. This gets much deeper than paperwork as we all chose to come to this Planet and use these titles, names to be addressed in this game or holodeck we call life. Good video to watch is the Holographic Universe on YouTube. It simply explains why you’re here and your role. Dr. Rev. Druanna’s role is simply to teach, metaphysics, to plant the seed and open your mind to your inner truth this is something you cannot get at Harvard or Oxford. She is the one that will free you from the Matrix, while teaching you about yourself and how the system operates. She was registered with the USA INC, until she took her own title back via UCC-1. She is also certified through Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy.

Are you against paying Taxes? 

No, we are not! If you have a registered company, you gave the corporation your permission to pay taxes. If you didn’t register your company to pay taxes, then you should not have to, by putting them on notice. We have many clients who have registered their companies and don’t wish to pay taxes, which is wrong and a contradiction to the contract between you and the companies, government, etc. We are not for Tax Evasion! Now, we do acknowledge that if you are being abused by any private company in anyway where they have no legal right for the abuse, there are certain ways to handle such situations, as well as prevention. You can get a Tax Exempt Account Offshore to move your money if you feel there is a major cause for concern, which is done by Legal and lawful means. You can get a new number which is tax exempt to use. Just remember please, if you registered your company you are giving ownership over to them, this is what registered means. Now we are not saying it’s bad to pay taxes. We are all for it, if it’s to help our community, our country, to prevent hunger, homelessness, a better healthcare system, very much like Norway. Everyone pays high taxes but at least it goes somewhere to help everyone involved. But, if you are being abused especially in certain cases where our clients have been abused by certain private companies, we’ve been able to successfully negotiate with these agencies in a very peaceful manner. It’s all about negotiation and using our credit to keep the peace. There are many benefits to being a registered company but you must always play by their rules. So please, do not come to us, then try to avoid paying taxes if you are registered with USA INC. We pay using money, or our signature in certain cases, but we always find a way to pay somehow. or do a discharge. This is very very important. If you work for a company and get paid a salary where you signed a contract where they can withhold your money via garnishment, or for tax purposes, you cannot just assume that a discharge is going to make it go away. You need again to be able to put them on notice of your new status, and you can sign a form that the company gives you that will remove your person from being garnished. You always have rights, but you need to learn to READ the fine print to get you out of it. Yes, we’ve had many successes where our students were able to get out of paying the taxes if they didn’t have the money, and were able to discharge the debt and it’s been honored, but they also were aware of the implications, the fine print, of removing themselves from the contract.  It is very important to learn what Contract Law is all about. There are many ways you can avoid paying high taxes if you so choose to legally and lawfully do it without being bit in the rear. We have ways of removing yourself from FATCA for those who live outside of the states. Those who live in the states you have options as well which we teach. Again, its all to do with being peaceful…not at war. 

A Recent Letter we wrote a prospect:

He asked this question:

Thank you so much. I do have a question. I am currently considering taking more credit being offered by creditors. Should I not take any more of these debts or can I still discharge new debt even after my status changes? Thank you so much, I appreciate you sharing this kind of invaluable information! Peace and Love!

We Wrote:

Good morning Kenn. Thank you for your inquiry! What we prefer you to do is this, because you will be starting at Level 1, where you put your package together to secure your position as a Non-Adverse Secure Creditor, it can take up to 1 and a half to 2 mos. depending on how fast you move…lol. You can get everything done within a month, but we always give up to 2 mos. as many of us have to work and do get busy lol. Once it is completed, you can now discharge all sorts of debt. What we would suggest since you are taking out new credit or a new loan, to pay on it if you wish to help improve your credit, until you are very clear and understand how to operate on the Private Side. We would start off with discharging old debt first.