Terms and Conditions for SC Mastermind (eCourse only WITHOUT SERVICE) 2017


(Illuminating Minds LTD and Products in Commerce)

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On this date:_______________________________,


I_________________________________________________ Agree to the following Terms and conditions to protect both parties interest.

With this SC Master Mind Service with Illuminating Minds LTD, from the Illuminating Minds LTD, I recognize their only job is to provide me access into the Online  Recorded Webinar from October 2013, April 2015, June/July/August/ September 2016 within 24 hours of signing this terms and conditions and getting it notarized.

This will have all the information necessary to help me to prepare the full packages 1, 2 and 3 on my own, I will also have all the answers to walk me through what being a SC Master Mind level 1 eCourse is all about including how to Discharge debt using powerful negotiable instruments etc. This is priceless info and is worth well over the asking price.

I acknowledge that Illuminating Minds LTD is not a Credit repair company in charge of repairing my credit. They are not a legal firm and do not provide legal advice. For legal advice or credit repair advice I have the choice to contact those who specialize in those areas of expertise. I also acknowledge that Illuminating Minds LTD will not send out paperwork to handle my individual debts for me. All of this information will be provided in the eCourse for me to do myself. And furthermore I also acknowledge that this eCourse is for educational purposes only.


I realize that free coaching via email, Skype or phone is not included in this package. I can make an appointment with Illuminating Minds LTD for the fee that is required at the time for a 45 min to 1 hour session.


Illuminating Minds LTD gives a warning about the use of this technology that is contained in these products, educational information that we offer in commerce. Please realize that just because something has worked for others that it’s going to work for you. Most of our students who have reached a level of success in the commercial world have done so due to utilizing their own due diligence, through proper research, hands on experience and proper education. They have spent much of their energy and time to acquire an advanced level of education, know-ledge, to operate in commerce. Let us emphasize that for those of you who are just getting started please do not attempt to use this technology until you are well educated and are fully competent to handle such powerful knowledge. This technology can be dangerous.

Please realize that any of our products or services we offer in commerce, SC Master Mind level 1 eCourse are only portrayed as educational tools to open up your awareness to other alternatives in handling your commercial affairs. Depending on the individual who chooses to follow this path can truly be exciting and discover something new you were never taught and has laid hidden from the masses. This can be a challenging yet rewarding experience once you go further down the rabbit hole of truth and self-realization. This path is not for everyone.


I _________________________ have Read what is on the Website on SecureCreditor.com and I acknowledge that I understand everything that is presented on this Website and what is being offered.

I acknowledge that the SC Master Mind level 1 eCourse from October 2013 to December 2016 are Recorded Video Trainings that were created by Illuminating Minds LTD. I acknowledge that there is NO Live Training with this eCourse/recorded webinar. I also acknowledge that because I authorized


the purchase through ____________ with my name as


___________________________________and my Email Address as ______________________ that I am to receive Access into this Recorded Webinar/eCourse 2016  after sending in this terms and conditions notarized first then within 24 hours after I will gain complete full access . I also acknowledge that I will gain access into the VIP forum as well to meet others who are apart of this SC Master Mind level 1 eCourse.

I also acknowledge that the Training is Online and does not come in DVD form or is mailed to me. The Documents that are apart of the eCourse will be Downloaded onto my desktop as it is accessed electronically.

I will gain access into the Webinar/eCourse and will receive the proper training electronically via Video Training only.


Because this eCourse will be delivered electronically with Digital material there are No Refunds!!


I _____________________________________________have read the above terms and conditions and agree with them enough to proceed with their service with my signature. If I have any questions regarding this service I am free to contact Illuminating Minds Society at via email or contact them via skype at their username illuminatingminds anytime that if the contract is not fulfilled to its entirety.


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On this ______ day of _______, 2016, before me personally appeared_____________________________, known to me to be the party whose name is subscribed to this written instrument, and acknowledged that he/she executed the same for the purpose therein contained.





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