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Our most recent Testimonial on student erasing $4000 of taxes from the Irs

14 Million in Irs Taxes Eliminated

Worldly Traveler Destroyed Child Support!



Today was supposed to be jury selection. I just got back from court this morning. Came in wearing all white with a bible. When I got to court I fired my attorney off rip.(Sui Juris) I alerted them of my process by stating, I have a superior interest, superior lien, I am the man not the person and the everyone was shocked, I am the holder in due course of title birth certificate, while holding a copy of it in my hand; my attorneys tried to talk me out of it.The judge took both attorneys in the back room to deliberate for 5 minutes. They are all aware of my Affidavit of Sov that I filed on the case.The judge also threatened me by saying he’s heard of this process before on criminal cases but not civil and he’s inclined to let the jury handle me. Thus potentially them ruling in judgement on me at a max 2.5mill. He said he will give my attorneys who were shocked an opportunity to consult with the insurance company and give me a chance to think about whats at stake.He ordered for a continuance. I didn’t say a word and walked out the court room not speaking to anyone. Didn’t walk past the bar or stand when they said all rise. First time in a court room proceeding, wish I could’ve appointed the judge to trustee, accepted the charges for value on record and finished my speech but didn’t get a chance to before the so called judge chimed in to order for a continuance.


Thank You Druanna!!You are such a great support and I want to let you know you have helped change my life for the better!!Will be in touch soon.


I AM Very Grateful for helping me to get rid of $98,000 of child support and when I sent the “Special Letter” requesting their accounting records my balance is $3,300; No one else helped me the way you did, and for that Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. In Love and Light!

Here’s a recent Testimonial for those of you dealing with Child Support issues. Keep in mind that being a Conscious Ambassador means you are the Primary Lien Holder of your Estate, you are the Executor or Executrix! Your status or position as a Conscious Ambassador is higher than the Globalists administering Admiralty Law, which is why they cannot deny your claims against them, because they can’t dispute issues concerning the LAND and SOIL since they are based in the SEA! 

Servistech is a student, and a fine example of how you can MAKE A LIVING SHUTTING THESE AGENCIES DOWN! This is just one of many techniques we will cover in the next LIVE WEBINAR

Akbar Moatamedi

Hi Dr. Druanna,Thank you very much for your help. Here is the result of one of the accounts. This is the Lowes account with more than $9,000.00 Dollars in debit on Credit Karma’s report. And, then, the ZERO balance and closed account from the today’s Credit Karma’s report (Good News). Thanks again for your help. It diffidently works.

Brie B

That is a lot of debt gone. Mortgage alone was at 98,000 then the other 11 accounts was over 100,000. U know how good it feels to breath!! I can finally start to breathe a little bit better. Thank u for your talk shows and help. I think I am still in a litter shock. Everything was peaceful. Ditech financial llc was my mortgage company. I am praying this is for real they threaten to foreclose on me. U see it states removed from credit report.

Isadora L.

Happy November Druanna! Hope you’re well I know you probably receive hundreds if not thousands of emails everyday so I appreciate when you take the time to read and reply to mine. But more than anything I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and being a great teacher! No matter what the naysayers do or say about your program I know it works, and I’ve never doubted that it does, and sorry you have to deal with those negative people. I say this because I found your video on YouTube where you check your credit report and your SSN# doesn’t recognize it!Well I did the same thing just to see what mine would say since I haven’t checked it in years and if I’m understanding correctly it says that the credit card debt and student loan I had has been deleted!!! I jumped up and down because I was so excited, and I’ve definitely noticed the collection companies call me less every time! Thank you thank you Druanna!!! Even though this is the first step, and there’s still more to learn which I’m definitely interested and so willing to learn how to be able to purchase things, etc I just wanted to take the time to let you know this and give you an update. -Love and Light, Isadora L. Your fan and student!


Wow…he just removed a $25,000 Auto Debt, and is on his way towards utilizing more advanced techniques we teach!

William (Joe) M.

Good Morning, I payed my utility bill. I received my email notification this morning that the ‘payment’ posted to my account. Now I have proof it they try and reverse it, which I believe they cannot. The amount was $362.28(my first bill here in AZ as well as setup fees) rape right hahaha! Anyway I wanted to send this to you, prior to altering the chat. Love and Light

Patrick P.

The 98 was the difference maker. Once I got it I have seen nothing but success. I also authenticated my BC and I simply send the Check directly to the creditor with a copy of BC and Affidavit of ownership with a 1099A and 1096 and BOOM! Paid Status! YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE AND ALSO MY FAMILY. ONE DAY I WOULD JUST LIKE TO MEET YOU AND HUG YOUR NECK, with your Husbands permission of course LOL! I have loved you since day one of seeing your video and to know that this power is available Takes a lot of pressure off me and it allows me to put my family in a better position for life. Wait til you see the new house!


Here you go! You can share on your website. Thank you so much!!! I will try and explain as best I can what my process was so you can help others with the Child Support and Student loans. I sectioned off each account on my credit report and sent it in to the local Treasure and IRS office. I followed the instructions on the new way to do a A4V in your eCourse. I wrote Accepted in red all caps and singed “by:” my name in blue on the front, then on the back I signed in blue my name. I’m not sure what to do on my student loans.It says 100% paid, and paid partial on time payments. But it still reflects 120 days late. Well, the great part is I never made any payments on any of my student loans. Now look at it! HUGE progress, If you can share some tips with me on what to do next I would greatly appreciate it. oh I also stop accepting the bills at my house so I do not have the actual bills. If you want them I can get them. I want you to have as much evidence stacked up as you can possibly have. As more things get paid off I will send right over!Thank you so much!! Many more blessings of abundance to you and your family!!!

Steven P.

I’m very excited to say that I received my first confirmation on my credit report of a dental procedure that was a total of $1,994 FRN’s has been closed and my credit score went up a bit. It was well worth the confusion and effort. Also, I’ve read that one is able to copy the term “Without Prejudice UCC 1-308” on their drivers license to make clear that the name, in question, has reserved their rights to not be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement. Any knowledge on this would be infinitely be appreciated. Thank you for all that you guys have done over on that end. If there’s anything that I may be of service of please feel free to reach out to me. Thanks again!!


Hey Guys and Gals!! Look what Bruce was able to do with the training we’ve provided him. He discharged around $5k in Medical Bills, and removed the negative marks on his Credit Report! Now that Bruce understands how to operate as a peaceful Secure Creditor, he is now going to pursue discharging an IRS claim for $15k plus 25% interest! Way to go Bruce, we are so proud of you!


Hey Guys!Here’s another student named Cody whom just got rid of more than a $1000 dollars worth of medical debt on May 5, 2017…sorry it’s a bit blurry. Cody shows us the letter he received verifying the amount was not owed anymore, and was assured that they would also resolve any negative info affecting his credit report due to collection efforts! This might seem like a small amount of debt to get rid of, but Cody is just getting started!! Knowledge is POWER!!!


Hello Dr. Druanna WailsI used the deadly weapon letter again to dispute accounts that previously the credit agencies would not remove. On the second time a round they removed. Here is the link if you want to share it with any of your students to encourage them not to give up if the agencies turn them down at first just keep disputing.

Mr. Rodrigues

Wow woke up this morning to another email from one of my secure creditor students! GM, DRUANNA, its been a while, its Mr. Rodrigues, how are you and your family I just wanted to share my success story.I took your DEADLY WEAPON LETTER plus other knowledge that I had study, I put a letter together and I went after the two major bank that are very rude, ignorant, don’t care about anyone and wont budge.Anyway I put a letter together using some information that I had been studying and combined it with the DEADLY WEAPON LETTER and I send it to CAPITAL ONE BANK which I had 2 Accounts with and 1 Account with CREDIT ONE BANK well I received a letter from both banks stating that after a thorough research they could not find any Account associated with my name. VERIZON send me a bill for additional data usage I called them and after I asked to speak with the supervisor, I used the same process over the phone she put me on hold, then came back on the phone and said Mr. Rodrigues your a good customer will just waive those fees.I’m going to A4V next, Thank you very much, for all that you have done for me, May GOD Bless you and your family always.