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Webinar Sept 2018 discounted - securecreditor.com


Due to the overwhelming response we’ve received over the last few weeks or so, we have decided to schedule another LIVE Online Webinar for Sept 2018, for those of you whom could not sign up in time for the June/July 2018 Webinar. The DEADLINE for registration is August 15, 2018 at the Discounted Prices, after this Date passes the price will revert back $900 & $1100 respectively. Again, we are limiting this LAST Class to 50 MAX, so that we have enough time to discuss and answer all of your questions when class begins. The LIVE Online Webinar is by far our most Popular Course, because we take the time to interact with our Students regarding particular issues, situations, and goals! FYI: All 25 seats sell out within the first 2-3 weeks of announcement, so this is your Advanced Notice! Sign up today and don’t  procrastinate, because it might cost you in the near future especially with the 2020 Deadline fast approaching! The approximate time it takes to submit your Documents and file them will take a few weeks of learning, and hopefully you’re applying the knowledge simultaneously, then you’ll have to wait for confirmation(s) from the various Agencies, which could take a few weeks to a few months depending on how fast they can process your paperwork and confirm acceptance. Which is why we urge you to get the process going NOW, or you might miss your opportunity that’s still available to you now! The U.S., U.N., IMF, BIS, FED, U.S. Courts,  and many other FAKE U.S. Entities are not your friends, and will rob you blind, if you let them! Become a Secured Party Creditor, and turn the tables on the Globalists, where they lose control over you and your assets including your Family, Home and all Possessions! Your new status as a Primary Lien Holder/Secured Party Creditor will open doors to New Opportunities that you would never believe existed…until now! Protecting yourself and loved ones is the MAIN Goal, which includes taking care of any issues you may have with Credit Cards, Debt, Lawsuits, CPS, Arrest Warrants, Court Summons, Mortgages, Student Loans, Auto Loans, FICO Scores, and many others. So, for those that aren’t sure, we advise you to send us a Message HERE for the quickest response. Which ever path you take, we will always wish you Love and Light on your journey!

Make Thousands As A Secure Creditor by Suing these Agencies!


If you are dealing with problems whatever they may be, we understand more than you know, but please DO NOT bring any NEGATIVITY, Politics, or such into to our LIVE Webinars. Everyone here wants to learn and move forward as quickly  as possible, especially those of you whom have Deadlines and Court Dates to meet! For the sake of the class environment, we only want to work with pleasant like-minded people, whom will not disrupt our other Students from learning. Those trying to obtain our Trademarked Information Illegally or Fraudulently will be expelled from the Training, and they will NOT receive a refund based on our Terms & Conditions. We apologize for having to enforce this due to a few rude and inconsiderate individuals, but it is necessary to ensure that all of our Students get the most out of each training session. Those of you on a Deadline, please email us at securecreditor@gmail.com, and let us know if there’s something we can help you with now based on your particular situation. When you bring POSITIVE ENERGY to your Class, and are easy to get along with, and most of all want to learn How to Reclaim Your Private Secured Party Creditor Status, where YOU are NOW the EMPLOYER and NOT the Slave…theeen, we’d LOVE to HELP!!!

Thank You!!

Seats Available: 44 of 50 (as of July 16, 2018)

FINAL LIVE Online Webinar WITH Service – Sept 2018


DISCOUNTED PRICE: $700 (Standard Price $1100)

SEATS AVAILABLE: 44 out of 50 left!

Announcement Date: July 5, 2018

If you weren’t able to make the last LIVE Online Webinar…that’s OK, we took you into consideration! We have decided to hold one last LIVE Online Webinar for 2018 due to all of the great emails we received. Thank You! So, we’re going to setup another LIVE Online Webinar for Sept 2018, but the Deadline to Register is August 15, 2018.  

Reserve your seat today! Discounted Pricing good ’til August 15, 2018 or until seats are filled (50), after this Date the prices will return to the Standard Pricing, and the Discount will expire by August 15th. Here is the Secure Creditor LIVE Online Webinar WITH Service Training Dates & Times(Classes begin Sept 8, 15, 22, and 29. Times are: 5:30pm (PST), 7:30pm (CST), 8:30pm (EST)). We urge you NOT to waste precious TIME, so you can finally Reclaim your Straw Man, which will help you resolve Bills, Debt, Lawsuits, FICOs, Mortgages, Student Loans, and the list goes on! We invite you to join us in becoming a part of the Secured Party Creditor family, where we help each other and share results and experiences regarding the different Agencies and their Procedures. You will learn a lot!

This will be a LIVE Event done via. Phone and Computer! We will record everything for you, and you will have full access to the recordings and info for a LIFETIME! Learn How to Discharge Debt peacefully using the Credit from your Birth Certificate Bond! Thousands of people are finally waking up…but still not enough and not fast enough, to the realization that it’s all been a 150+ year LIE, and now you’re ready to Reclaim your Birth Certificate, Status, and Benefits that come with being officially recognized as a Primary Lien Holder & Executor/Executrix of your Estate. If you follow our instructions, and want to learn, and most of all file all of the documents we instruct, you will be amazed at what you can do as a Non-Belligerent, Non-Combatant, Non-Adverse Secured Party Creditor. Your Status will change from Peasant/Surf to Employer/Land Owner, just by reclaiming your Straw Man!

Syllabus: $700 (Discount good until Aug 15, 2018, then the price goes back up to $1100)

Payment Methods:

We are currently accepting Credit/Debit, Wire Transfer, Western Union, Litecoin: 3PkiPWuEhzQCKJpFDZUza3kYQ4vJFtsJ6z, or Bitcoin: 3NEDWcfYkdi2nWfSiXiFushPjScjfKawQ8. If you have any problems, please contact us during Office Hours, Mon-Sat, 9am CST to 5pm CST, please use our Contact Form for faster assistance and answers, and because we respond to these requests before all others in the queue.

Currently, we are only accepting sincere and serious people, whom are ready to Take Action NOW! If you are unsure or afraid to move forward, we really understand your reservations and are here to help, at least we hope our free information was helpful. Check out these great free resources with valuable info. on this subject matter by WINSTON SHROUT he’s a wealth of information…definitely digs deep!

Our average Student usually has some basic computer skills and understanding, and has a general idea of what a Secured Party Creditor is, but doesn’t yet understand the Intricacies, Processes, Procedures, Documents to send, Correct Verbiage to use, understanding your Rights, etc. Our Students come from a diverse background and countries, ranging from Psychics, Artists, Bankers, Stock Traders, Private Investigators, House Wifes, Students, Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Police Officers, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs,  Veterans, Musicians, DJ’s, Ministers, Trolls, and the list goes on and on. But, we all have one thing in common, we were all  born into the MATRIX without any knowledge or understanding of what was in store for us. BUT, now that you’re all grown up, you now have the ability to TAKE OVER CONTROL, and above that, CLAIM YOUR POWER AND FLEX YOUR NEW FOUND AUTHORITY with any Agency, Bank, Civil or Family Court, Collections, Court Summons, Tickets, Warrants, Child Support, and much more…with confidence and documentation to endorse your Claims and Positions! We also realize that there are some of you whom are not yet familiar with what being a Secured Party Creditor is, or it’s function, which is OK, because we’ll teach you in the LIVE Online Webinar, and we even have a service that takes care of correctly filling out your paperwork, for you to then send out to the various Agencies listed. Remember, always do your own Due Diligence by researching, reading, proofing, adjusting, and re-watching the training and other reputable people on the subject…keep learning, and think outside of the box! Many of your ideas and successes will be inspired from the people you meet in the VIP Forum, we promise and it’s LIFETIME, with NO Annual Subscription Fee to all Secure Creditor Students. If this resonates and empowers you to finally take control of your Straw Man, then we would be more than happy to provide you the necessary tools to accomplish your goals! 

NOTE: We are not a Sovereign Group, Credit Repair Specialists, Law Firm, Accounting Firm, Banker, or such. We are a group of Private Secured Party Creditors with the power to use our Birth Certificate and Status to wipe out ALL Public Debt according to House Joint Resolution (H.J.R.) 192, where we conduct our affairs as an International Foreigner outside of The U.S.A. Inc., U.S. Inc…FICTION! In the united States of America with a little “u”; American National or California National would be an appropriate example designation, which is the opposite of calling yourself a U.S. Citizen, or worse yet U.S. Sovereign…which doesn’t exist, so don’t say it unless you want to go to Jail for being tagged as a Mentally Unstable Political Radical…don’t do it.

Sincerely Yours,
Secure Creditor Customer Support
Secure Creditor & Illuminating Minds, Inc.
Dr. Druanna Wails™ & Illuminating Minds Staff
Non-Adverse Secured Party Creditors

IMPORTANT PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Please call your Bank and Authorize International Transactions to the UK, as your Cards are probably Blocked from making Payments outside of the USA. Do this before attempting to make a payment. We will be accepting payment in the form of Credit/Debit, Wire Transfer, Western Union, Litecoin: 3PkiPWuEhzQCKJpFDZUza3kYQ4vJFtsJ6z, or Bitcoin: 3NEDWcfYkdi2nWfSiXiFushPjScjfKawQ8. If you have any problems or questions, please our Contact Form for fast assistance. Thank you!

LIVE Online Webinar NO Service (Sept 2018) $10,000++ Value!
LIVE Online Webinar NO Service (Sept 2018). Discount good 'til Aug 15, 2018.
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
NO Service
LIVE Online Webinar WITH Service (Sept 2018) $10,000++ Value!
LIVE Online Webinar WITH Service (Sept 2018). Discount good 'til Aug 15, 2018.
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
WITH Service

Secure Creditor LIVE Online Webinar WITHOUT Service – SEPT 2018.

For those of you whom want to take the Secure Creditor LIVE Online Webinar, BUT don’t want the Service, then this is the perfect package for you. We have discounted our normal price of $900 down to $400 for the SC LIVE Online Webinar WITHOUT Service. The only difference between the Webinar packages is the Service, everything else is the same! If you opt for NO Service, then we will provide you with ALL of the Downloadable Documents and Training Sessions, since you will be the one preparing your docs to mail out. Please do not procrastinate and wait until the last minute to register, because seats begin to fill within the first few weeks of announcing the New Class, once we’ve reached our MAX, we will unfortunately have to close this enrollment for the rest of the year. Thanks!!


DISCOUNT DEADLINE: August 15, 2018

DISCOUNTED PRICE: $700 (Standard Price $1100)

 SEATS AVAILABLE44 out of 50 left!

Classes Begin: Days: Sept 8, 15, 22, and 29; Times: 5:30pm (PST), 7:30pm (CST), 8:30pm (EST)



Here is a quick outline of what you have to look forward to for either eCourse. But, for the SC eCourse PLUS Service, we will take care of the Service portion of completing the docs, but you will still be responsible for mailing them to the appropriate Agencies with our instructions. Once you are armed with this knowledge, it will change your life forever! You no longer have to be that person that is afraid of the Tax Man, Debt Collectors, Low FICO Scores, Lawsuits, Judgments, Liens, etc. This is just the TIP of the Iceberg, and you will learn so much more than what is outlined in our courses. THIS INFORMATION IS POWERFUL, AND SHOULD BE USED WITH RESPONSIBILITY! Please continue reading below for more information. Thank You!

You will be coached by Dr. Druanna Wails for 1 month only. You will be granted access into the Secure Creditor eCourse 1 week before the meeting begins. This way you will have a list of questions for Dr. Druanna Wails in regards to the first package only.

On Sept 8, 15, 22, and 29, we will meet for 1 to 2 hours from 5:30pm (PST), 7:30pm (CST), 8:30pm (EST) via phone and computer. I will introduce myself and my experiences as a Private Secured Party Creditor, and I will go over any Questions you may have regarding the Lessons discussed only per meeting.

-Your Birth Certificate OR Naturalization Certificate.
-Passport (Optional).
-Social Security Number (SSN).
-Driver’s License OR ID Card.

In the Secure Creditor eCourse you will learn:

Session 1 (History of the Matrix): Sept 8
I introduce myself and explain the work I do in taking a stand as an Investigative Secured Party Creditor when dealing with Second and Third Party Creditors, Courts, Lawsuits, Liens, Levies, Judgments, Traffic Violations, Child Support, Loans, Taxes, any Debt involved. You can wipe all of these out as a Secured Party Creditor! With this powerful Technology you will learn to use certain letters and methods to even wipe out your Credit Report of all Debt due to certain laws they have to abide by. I give you a history lesson on what Debt is and where it comes from, and more.

What you will learn in this session:
-Gives you a background on where Debt comes from and why we are here.
-Will include where to invest your money instead of keeping it in Bank Accounts known as the Federal Reserve System (FED).
-You will learn to erase ALL DEBT using something as powerful as your signature.
-You will discover the fact that you are already a Creditor, but didn’t even realize it.
-We’ll go through the History of how this all came to be.
-You will discover the power of your Birth Certificate!

Session 2 (How to put your First Package together): 
In this Session we go over the Secure Creditor Package 1, What Documents you need and how to fill them in one by one! This package is used to open up a Post Registered Account. This secures your Standing as a Non-Adverse Secure Creditor.

What you will learn in this session:
-You will learn how to put each document together.
-The Power of Registered Mail.
-UCC1 and UCC3.
-What each of the 11 documents is used for.

Session 3 (Package 2): Sept 15

We will be discussing everything below:
We go over the Package 2 which includes 3 Documents to Send out to Vital statistics of your new Standing. This is where the real power lies. Instead of fighting with these agencies, we tell them we are Secure Creditors who have the power to Wipe out all debt with our Signatures not with FRN Notes.

What you will learn in this session:
-The Power of the Notary
-How to notify Agencies of your new Non-Adverse Secure Status without going to Court!
-How you can use the power of these documents to clean up your Credit Report FICO’s using the law.
-How to put harassing Creditors, Authorities, and Others on notice peacefully.

Session 4 (Administrative Process/ Forensic Investigation):
-We will go over Package 3, which you will need to do yourself.
-Debt Validation.
-How to perform a Forensic Investigation or Audit, and create your own case.
-How to do a Powerful Debt Validation, where the Creditors are forced to clean up your Credit Report, because they have no contract with you according to Federal Law!
-I walk you through the Administrative process starting with the Deadly Weapon Letter to investigate these Agencies, so you can build your own case. And, when you’re ready, you can take them to court and force them to pay you!

What you will learn in this session:
-How to investigate a company for their paperwork.
-Learn to only communicate with them via. letters, and not over the phone.
-Create your own case like an Attorney with their Acquiescence, or having them admit that they are at fault.
-How to use their methods and laws against them.
-How this can benefit you.
-How to get paid.
-How to raise your Credit Scores (FICOs), and wipe out all negative debt or marks on your Credit Report!
-How to put a STOP to any Lawsuit that comes your way!
-How to put an END to any Judgements or Orders by the Court!
-How you can actually make money using this method by suing them, and using their administrative process against them!

How to get paid by the Courts or the Companies who break the law!
-This will give you enormous confidence without an Attorney, but if you wish to use one, they can actually help you.
-You will learn to ERASE ALL DEBT, using something as simple yet powerful as your Signature, but HOW is the catch!
-How to use the IRS and Local Treasury as your own Accountants.

Session 5 (Paypacks and Discharges): Sept 22
-How to Discharge Debt issues with Paypacks, and settle the accounts in a Non-Adverse way.

Session 6 (How to get a Tax Exempt Number): Sept 29
As a Secure Creditor, you have the power to get a Tax Exempt Number as you operate Privately and as a Foreigner in Commerce.
-(Special Bonus) How to get a Diplomatic Passport from your Country, which is Not a State Citizen Passport!

NOTE: Email Coaching is only available for those that Paid in Full for the eCourse, it is not available for the Payment Plan.